Posted by: Harry | January 12, 2010

A Day For Honesty

A short conversation after Simone’s personality manifested in a day-long whirlwind of minor domestic catastrophes. After…

  • looking me square in the eyes and slowly pouring her milk onto the kitchen table, sending me into a small fit of frustration;
  • finding the cacao in the pantry, upending it onto her play table and carefully molding it into volcanoes;
  • deciding a bowl of ice cream was best eaten from her miniature toy tea-pot;
  • singing a Barney song over and over–pausing only to trumpet out a fart that foreshadowed more ominous things to come;
  • removing a bag of frozen spinach cubes from the freezer and displacing its contents to various hidden sectors of the main floor;
  • making her Papa walk around the kitchen island 300 times in an impromptu journey to visit Oma and Opa;
  • eating raw oatmeal from a frog dish with a toy strainer;
  • trying to demolish computer keyboards with frantic poundings;
  • unrolling an entire tube of toilet paper from her perch on the potty;
  • laughing hysterically when Papa wiped out in his stocking feet and nearly ended his career as a ballerina

After all this, the following:

Papa – You’re not really into listening today are you?

Simone – Nope.

Her response said with the inflection sounding up, the way a child would agree with a flourish to a game of seeing how many lollipops could be crammed into their mouth in thirty-seconds. Now, if only I would have asked the question sooner.



  1. This left me with such a smile!

    That look while they pour out the milk – how do they do that?!

    The Barney recap is beyond words but it was the “impromptu visit to Oma and Opa” that had me in hysterics!

    Adding to my blogroll!

    • It’s so intentional, yes? Makes the blood boil a little, but also had me grinning—once I put her on the naughty step and cleaned up the mess, that is.

  2. Worthy of a “spot” on the Jay Lenno show.

    • What Jay Leno show? Or is it Jay O’Brian. Or Conan Leno?

  3. it’s the Conan O’leno show

  4. Oh, what a story! Put a big smile on my face even I am sorry that I know it is at your expense! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    This is definitely a movie or documentary in all this. ๐Ÿ™‚ Have you and your wife thought of taking a digital camera out and start shooting some of these Simoneโ€™s specials?

    May be edit a movie out of these footage for her to watch. It may makes her laugh so hard and forget to cause new troubles. OR she may do more, but I think this may be a phase (hopefully short) that she is into now.

    Here is a clip shot by a blog friend with her two girls doing some singing,

    • Very cute.

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