Posted by: Harry | November 29, 2009

Day 513: What Does it Mean When Simone…

  • Leaves the table during dinner with friends, heads upstairs to their daughters’ bedrooms to play with their toys–and returns with her pants gone, her diaper removed, and a pair of someone else’s underwear on backwards?
  • Picks her nose in her sleep while we drive home from a visit?
  • Finds a torn-out page of a book with a photo of an elephant on it, determines the elephant is crying and hugs the single page to her chest to soothe it?
  • Hurries to the full-length mirror in Mama and Papa’s bedroom to watch the tears in her own eyes when she’s crying?
  • Takes all her Cabbage Patch dolls upstairs to her bedroom and proceeds to chastise them for not staying in bed, threatening to close the door?
  • Sings every song she knows, or makes up, to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star?
  • Recognizes McDonald’s Golden Arches from great distances and inquires about getting some french fries?
  • Grabs the phone and tries to order a pink pizza from Oma and/or Opa?
  • Asks if Papa is tired whenever we pass a Starbucks?


  1. These are moments you’ll be glad you’ve recorded, for memories (sp?) sake. Ethan used to look at himself in the mirror to watch his tears come too…and Twinkle Twinkle is such a popular fav. in our house too.
    Good to see you guys recently!

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