Posted by: Harry | October 1, 2009

Website of the Day:

TeeFury SHirtsOkay, this site is too badass to not post about: Basically, the site takes designs from artists around the world turns them into T-Shirts, or Tee’s of the Day. Each T-shirt is up for one day, starting at midnight, and once 24 hours is up the shirt is gone–no longer available. Artists are paid per shirt and retain all rights to their original designs (a huge plus). And the shirts are cheap too, usually $9 (USD).

They had a promo on a few weeks back, 3 Tees for $15 bucks (plus $5 shipping). Shirt selection was random, meaning I could only choose my size and had no clue what shirts I would get until they arrived. But I figured, hell for $20–which is usually the cost of one good T-shirt, even if only 2 of the 3 were passable, I’d still be in the clear. All 3 arrived today and they’re all skookum.

What’s cool is that the shirts are completely original, not found anywhere else. And if you don’t like the shirt of the day, you only have to wait 24 hours to catch the next one. Great concept, promotes cool designs from burgeoning artists–and pays them based on sales.



  1. Sweet. Never heard of this site. Very cool!

  2. Sweet! I love this idea!

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